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  • Typical Exclusions in a Long Term Care Policy

    Long term care insurance policies may exclude coverage for conditions resulting from:

    • Injury or sickness for which benefits will be payable under any worker’s compensation claim or occupational disease law.
    • Injury from declared or undeclared war.
    • Suicide, attempted suicide, or self-inflicted injury.
    • Injury resulting from alcoholism, drug abuse, or narcotics addiction.
    • Injury resulting from participation in a felony, riot, or insurrection.
    • Service in the armed forces.
    • Injury or care that is already paid for by Medicare or by any government program, except Medicaid.

    Other exclusions may apply depending upon the long term care policy you purchase. Exclusions may also vary between states and between different long term care insurance companies. Make sure you understand the exclusions before buying a long term care insurance policy.

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