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  • California Long Term Care Insurance

    To find the right LTC policy, consumers in the Eureka State must first start by looking for reliable CaliforniaLTCI quotes from licensed California LTCI companies. Then, you need to check the insurance ratings for those LTCI providers with Standard & Poors, AM Best or Moody’s.
    But don’t worry. Long-Term-Care-Insurance-Planners makes it simple with our quick quote request form above. Just fill in the basic information and you can receive the most current rates and terms for top LTC insurance policies available in California. Plus, you will also receive the insurance company ratings with your California LTCI quotes.
    So if you’re a current resident of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Santa Rosa, Crescent City and everywhere in between, you can find the tools you need to shop for affordable long term care insurance coverage right here.



    California Insurance Department

    In addition, you also have the California Insurance Department resourceful website available. You can use their online tools to investigate the current license status of individual agents and entire insurance companies, carriers and agencies operating in California. You can also get useful information about all types of insurance products, as well as check for major complaints against insurance licensees.



    California Department of Aging, Health Insurance, Counseling and
    Advocacy Branch

    California senior citizens have an additional resource available with the California Department of Aging…
    1600 K Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 332-5290, fax (916) 324-1903


    Average Cost of Care for California Long Term Care Nursing Homes, California Home Health Care, & California Assisted Living Facilities

    The table below shows the average California LTC in three different types of LTC facilities: home health care, assisted living facilities and California nursing home facilities. People usually use more than one form of LTC. Actual costs for future years will be substantially higher due to inflation. Be sure you understand how an inflation protection option can help your California LTC insurance benefits keep pace with the rate of inflation.

    Costs of LTC in San Francisco, California Annual Costs
    California Home Health Care
    (avg hourly rate)
    $14.75 $ 19,175.00 *
    California Assisted Living
    (avg monthly rate)
    $3,071.15 $ 36,853.80
    California Nursing Home
    (avg daily rate)
    $146.80 $ 53,582.00

    (*The California Home Health Care costs have been computed using the defaults of 5 hours per visit and 5 visits per week depicting a typical scenario.)


    Get California LTCI quotes and rates online.