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  • Points to consider while buying Long Term Care Insurance policy

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    With the technological advancements in Medical Science, Long-term care insurance has become increasingly important as Americans have high life expectancy rate. It is very important to take a good look at your current health status as well as your family history before deciding to buy a Long-term care insurance policy. You must keep the following points in mind before buying long-term care insurance plan –

    • Identify your needs
  • You must research long-term care insurance costs in your area. You can get most affordable long-term care insurance plans within your time and budgetary guidelines with the help of Long-term-care-insurance-planners.com. Call a few facilities in your area and ask about costs, which can vary widely even within a small geographic area.

    • Cover all bases
  • Your long-term care insurance policy should help you pay for all your custodial care services at the time of medical emergency, across a wide range of settings: a nursing home, an assisted living facility, and home etc., giving you maximum insurance coverage.

    • Shopping Online
  • Internet helps you to do an extensive research on various long-term care insurance companies without you having to run from one company to another, getting you various insurance options. You can get the best possible, cheap long-term care insurance quotes online that can help you save your thousands of dollars. You can also contact the local broker or health insurance agent and find out details about the different plans available and the amount you will have to pay.

    • Check assisted living provisions
  • The specific nursing home services covered are generally standard across different policies and companies; not so the services for assisted living facilities. You should carefully review long-term care insurance policy to find out whether there will be additional charges, for example, for more than a certain number of hours of care, for medication management, or for more intensive care if a patient is cognitively impaired.

    • Review credentials
  • Always buy long-term care insurance policy from an established and reputed company with a high rating and experience to remove any future risks.

    • Call for help
  • If you have questions about a policy or if you’re trying to decide whether long-term care insurance is right for you, your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program can provide free counseling and information at no cost.